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Išsirinkite lengvai: Swim Spa modelį

Kaip lengvai išsirinkti vietą lauke Swim spa baseinui? Kiemas, pavėsinė ar terasa yra vieta, kurioje malonu leisti laiką. Štai kodėl būtų gerai turėti hidromasažinį baseiną. Tarkime, jūs planuojate įsigyti Swim spa baseiną.


Hydropool Swim Spa universalus baseinas, kurį galima naudoti ne tik vasarą, bet ištisus metus. Suplanuokite spa zona taip, kad būtų smagu ilsėtis kasdien. Suplanuokite, kur pasodinsite gėles, pastatysite baldus, o galbūt ir pavėsinę. Sukurkite gražią savo poilsio oazę aplink Swim spa baseiną .


hidromasazinio baseino montavimasIf you didn’t grow up gardening, or you’re as nature-deprived as many of us seem to be these days, you may be intimidated by the idea of taking care of a yard, not to mention planning how it’s going to look.


Hardscape. The rule of thumb is to plan for or around the hardscape. This is masonry work, woodwork, patios, decks, wooden arbors – anything permanent or built-in. (Plants, shrubs, lawn are considered softscape). A Swim Spa should be thought of as hardscaping, especially if you’re planning to surround it with decking.

Get the big picture. Nurseries full of colorful and exotic plants are tempting, especially in the Spring, but they don’t always fit in when we get them home. Most backyards are organized by a few strong elements, like a green grassy lawn, rows of hedges, a patio for entertaining. Start with these dominant features, and also decide how you will get to and from different areas. Then fill in the blanks with seasonal plants, furniture, etc.swim spa ir hot tub montavimas

Copy what you like. When you see something you like, consider adapting the idea for your yard. Plants growing in your neighborhood are a safe bet (the climate supports them). Admire your neighbor’s new brick walkway? Ask for the name of the bricklayer, or maybe the homeowner has some tips for you! You can research how-to details online for almost any landscaping or outdoor remodeling project.

swim spa montavimas
hidromasazinio baseino montavimas
swim spa ir hot tub montavimas

Backyard Ideas

Improve your property. Include an “outdoor room” addition in your hot tub plan.spa hidromasazinio baseino montavimas
A hot tub is a valuable addition to any home. Young or old, everybody loves hydrotherapy – for stress relief, soothing muscle soreness, or sharing a reju- venating soak. Start with a beautifully designed, high-performance hot tub by Hydropool Hot Tub. Then plan an outdoor room that provides hot tub privacy as well as a place for socializing.

Free from the restrictions of the walls,doors and windows inside the house, you can make an outdoor room as sophisticated or as rustic as you like.

Plan a four-seasons outdoor room around your Hydropool Hot Tub – more versatile than a summers- only pool.
Keep it simple: think about colorful indoor/outdoor fabrics and furnish- ings; an attractive, easy-to-install gazebo; natural stone and wood; and plantings.spa hidromasazinio baseino montavimas lauke

Create a leafy, natural retreat around your hot tub, for privacy and beauty.

You don’t necessarily need professional landscapers to create the perfect place to enjoy your hot tub. Your local Hydropool Hot Tub Spas dealer can help you design a hot tub plan with a luxurious, built-in look. For example, you might be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to install a hot tub half-in, half-out of the ground, using stone, brick or wood decking and attractive foliage to finish the “room.”

With a Hydropool Hot Tub hot tub, plan to spend more time outdoors year ’round.

One of today’s hottest design trends is the “outdoor room,” a relaxed environment for private enjoyment or casual entertaining. As a private and a social extension of the home, a hot tub-centered “living room” brings the indoors outside. Who doesn’t dream of a backyard where they can relax, enjoy family time, or invite guests for a barbecue and hot tub party? You can have just that, with a little planning, and Hydropool Hot Tub.
Apply the five basics of interior design to your outdoor room:Aqua Sport montavimas

Floor coverings (what goes under the hot tub and around it: decks, hardscape, lawns and gardens)

Wall décor (screens, trellises, hanging plants, a gazebo)

Lighting (soft, colorful lighting from your Hydropool Hot Tub is one source)

Furnishings (patio table and chairs, planters)

Accessories (spa steps, bar and stools, stereo, barbeque)

Hydropool Hot Tub gives you a wide choice of colors and styles for your hot tub – plus great options and accessories. Have fun putting together the perfect hot tub plan for your backyard!


Step 1
Identify the area for your outdoor room. Your hot tub plan should include a solid foundation for the spa and an electrical outlet.

Step 2
Measure the area, including space for decking, plants, trees, paths, etc. You can find the sizes and specifications for all of our hot tubs online.

Step 3

Enjoy. This outdoor room, sheltered from the wind and surrounded by natural beauty, includes a dining area as well as a Hydropool Hot Tub .


A backyard design doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just a few tweaks to a current landscape may be all that’s needed to create a personalized hot tub environment

spa hidromasazinio baseino montavimas
spa hidromasazinio baseino montavimas lauke
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